Alarms Boltongate

You have complete control over your alarm system. You can easily monitor and control your alarm system using a smart app. Alerts sent over a mobile signal are sent to your home when you are away. This allows you to have a customized security system that suits your needs.

Wired and Wireless Burglar Alarm Installation

Traditional wired systems are more preferred than wireless. Because wireless systems are more flexible, they can be worth looking into if you want to decorate or renovate your home. Our installers pride themselves on making wired alarm systems invisible to the public.

Burglar Alarms UK is happy to provide you with quotes on both wireless and wired intruder alarms so that you can make informed decisions.

Caller and dialler Alarm technology for intruder alarms

If your alarm goes off, Dialler burglar alarms can be used to alert you. Two types of dialler alarms are available: speech or GSM. The speech dialler can connect to the intruder alarm panel as well as any contacts you've assigned via your landline. GSM diallers, on the other hand, use a mobile signal to call or send your contacts when an alarm goes off.

Maintaining your burglar alarm

While an alarm system is crucial, it is also important to have it properly installed. However, you need to keep your business and home safe by having it regularly maintained. According to statistics from the Metropolitan Police, 92% of alarm activations in Britain in recent years were false alarms.

To eliminate any potential dangers and to prevent false activations, we make sure that alarm systems are maintained throughout the year. We offer reasonable maintenance.

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