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Leading market access control and door entry

Access Control is the electronic control of access to doors, traffic barriers, and turnstiles. Burglar Alarms UK is a national company that installs single-locked doors, token access and logged access. They also offer bespoke solutions for hundreds of remote access points over a large area network.

Burglar Alarms UK installs access control systems in many sectors, including healthcare, education, retail, leisure and commercial. Tokens are used to grant access through doors controlled by the system. They can be easily removed from the system in case they become lost or stolen.

You can integrate access control and CCTV into your alarms

The access control system allows for secure and convenient access management that is flexible and easy to use. Access control is a better option than traditional locks and keys. It can integrate with fire alarms, CCTV and intrusion alarms to provide a comprehensive integrated security solution. This software makes it easy to administer these security systems from one platform.

 Door entry systems that can be networked together or standalone

Before granting access, you must identify the visitor who calls at your door. The electronic door entry systems we offer consist of three components. An external panel, a door control unit, and an internal monitor handset. The bell button located on the exterior panel allows visitors to call. You can either grant or deny access to the caller once you've identified them through audio or full-color images.

Control of access via network

For sites that manage multiple doors and many users, networked access control can be a great option. The networked access control system can be easily adapted to suit the security needs of commercial businesses and leisure establishments. It allows users or groups of users to manage their permissions.

A school could, for example, grant access rights to multiple groups such as students and teachers. Create custom reports on user activity for specific doors or groups of doors. Access control could be used by a gym or leisure facility to manage members and provide automated reporting on who's there.

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