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Corps Monitoring

CCTV, Alarms

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Website | 0141 847 2050
85 Cowcross St, London EC1M 6PF, UK

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Within 4 miles (6.4km) of 85 Cowcross St, London EC1M 6PF, UK
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Your assets. Our watch. Our detection. Our priority. Sensor activated CCTV monitoring is highly effective in preventing break-ins – protecting your people, property and assets. Using a wide range of sensor technologies, this type of monitoring system alerts through to the Corps Monitoring Centre the moment unauthorised access or movement is detected. Keeping your people safe and your property secure 24/7. The risk of intruders or fire are a concern for any property owner or manager. With our state-of-the-art technology and 24/7 monitoring we can keep your premises, assets, workforce, customers, and visitors protected from unauthorised access or fire, around the clock. Safeguarding your people. Security doesn’t stop at the protection of a business’ property and assets – the safeguarding of its people is also paramount. Whether your workers are operating remotely, in potentially hazardous situations or commuting at night through unsafe areas, Corps Guard provides an extra layer of personal security. Never be concerned about your keys again. Corps KeySafe combines the sophistication of a Sentrikey safe with the convenience of a nationwide network of accredited service partners to ensure quick site access. All of this is fully managed by our state-of-the-art remote monitoring centre in Glasgow. 410 600 Corps Security Corps Security2023-04-21 12:25:452023-06-19 17:11:54CCTV Monitoring Shares Intruder Description With Keyholder And Police In 60 seconds 410 600 Corps Security Corps Security2023-04-21 12:20:432023-06-19 17:13:00Daylight Intruders Deterred By CCTV Monitoring Service 410 600 Corps Security Corps Security2023-04-21 11:43:332023-06-19 17:14:21Remote CCTV Monitoring Leads To Intruder Arrest 616 900 Corps Security Corps Security2023-05-31 17:46:582023-06-19 17:50:15Adapting Your Security For A Four-Day Workweek 616 900 Corps Security Corps Security2023-03-10 15:45:402023-03-10 15:45:40ESG: Making The Case For Collaborative Ethical Procurement 616 900 Corps Security Corps Security2022-12-23 15:59:282022-12-23 16:05:03Why Adding CCTV Alarm Monitoring To Your Christmas List Is A Good Idea In 2022 technology in security has formed a more substantial part of security strategy, alongside manned solutions drawing both closer together. As a result, the work we do at our CMC is now more interconnected with Corps Security’s specialised security services, particularly when it comes to CCTV live surveillance, intruder & fire alarm monitoring, lone worker devices and key holding. 616 900 Corps Security Corps Security2022-12-01 11:24:052022-12-01 11:50:42The Next Generation Of Talent For CCTV Surveillance 410 600 Corps Security Corps Security2022-11-29 10:49:432022-11-29 10:57:03The AI In Security Debate: What Is The Future For CCTV Monitoring? Businesses are facing a perfect storm this winter. Rising costs, reduced consumer spending and labour shortages across many sectors remain issues that many are still addressing. When looking to cut organisational costs, FM - specifically soft services - are typical areas many will be driven to review. 410 600 Corps Security Corps Security2022-11-22 09:31:322022-11-22 09:32:50Tackling Labour Issues And Security Efficiency With Technology 410 600 Corps Security Corps Security2022-09-23 08:48:112022-09-23 08:48:11Could Technology Provide The Solution To The Rise In The Living Wage? 616 900 Corps Security Corps Security2022-06-24 11:34:372022-06-24 11:34:37Armed Forces Day 2022: Forces training produces some of the country’s best security officers 410 600 Corps Security Corps Security2022-06-13 12:27:372022-06-15 10:32:50Artificial Intelligence In Security Monitoring; There’s Nowhere To Hide 410 600 Corps Security Corps Security2022-03-28 09:35:492022-03-31 08:40:48Safeguarding Renewable Energy Sites In 2022 With Environmental Monitoring Solutions

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