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Are you protected by fire detection and alarm systems?

Burglar Alarms UK has a wealth of experience in installing, servicing and designing fire alarm systems. Burglar Alarms UK is highly knowledgeable and responsive to your needs, whether it's smoke alarms and heat detectors or remote monitoring and voice evacuation. Burglar Alarms UK is a leading UK fire safety company. We are familiar with fire safety laws for both domestic and non-domestic properties. The BAFE SP203-accredited team has decades of combined experience in protecting your assets, home and business.

Fire detection & heat alarms

A fire alarm and detection system that works effectively is essential for safety in commercial spaces as well as residential areas. It's also a legal requirement. You can customize your fire safety solution to suit the specific environment. This includes custom heat, smoke beam and aspirating detector, wireless and gas suppression systems; control panels Sounders and manual call points.

Aspirating smoke detectors

Continuously, aspirating smoke detectors draw air samples from areas that require protection to determine if there is smoke present. Intelligent technology can detect smoke by using wavelengths, increasing reliability even in the most challenging environments. Burglar Alarms UK installs aspirating smoke detectors where there are potential for false alarms from conflicting particles or where prompt detection is crucial. Aspirating smoke detectors can be used in data rooms, warehouses and cold stores.

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